Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wonderful Weather

People of the Rice! E is back into block crayons and their ability to cover a page quickly.

One of the stories from the people of the rice is about a vain, bushy-tailed bear who is tricked by a fox into sitting by an icy fishing hole. His tail freezes into the ice and when he jumps up, -snap- the tail comes right off. Ever since, bears have had short, stubby tails and do not like fox.


e was taken by this story and HAD to draw it somewhere. But where? It wasn't her lesson, so not her main lesson book. It wasn't weather, so not her weather journal. Plain paper wouldn't do, though. She finally decided her weather journal is her catch-all. She's been using the same book for 3 years now, and its only been a weather journal since last year. So into her journal went a picture of fox and bear, with bear's tail stuck in the ice. I do love this girl!

We went for our morning walk (bike) down a different street this morning and came upon an OAK TREE! This is exciting because oak trees make acorns and we had just lived three years in Alaska, where oak trees do not grow. We had looked at pictures and read stories about acorns, but that just isn't the same. e and I put as many as we could find into her bike basket and brought them home. I took the acorns inside while the kids put their bikes away. Or at least that's what I thought they were doing. After a while I got worried and went to find them.


Turns out they were playing on their swing set! The one that has been played on exactly 9 times in the past 2 months. They played for 2 whole hours. My arctic children finally had weather they considered nice: 64 degrees, bright sun, and wind. Oh, the wind! It is a beautiful day.



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