Thursday, August 7, 2014

The First Week

We started school this week. Slowly, bit by bit.

First on E's list was to tie up loose ends in last year's main lesson book. We cut his Norse Mythology watercolors to fit his MLB and glued them in. He wrote examples for each of the four types of sentences. We called it finished.

Then we began his Man and Animal block. He requested big MLBs this year, 32cm by 38cm. Lots of room, no need to write teeny! He enjoyed filling the page with his upside down star person. Notice the difference between mine and his. His lesson book always shows his personality!


The head is round like the sun. It sends and receives information. The trunk rises and falls as we breathe, waxing and waning as the moon. The limbs are like stars. They radiate out to help others.

I am trying out a new assignment book idea. I write two lines of a poem for him to copy, his main lesson topic, maybe a picture, his other daily tasks (room tidy/brush teeth, chores, math, and spelling), and a sentence to correct. Three pages a week. If it doesn't all get finished on the mornings I've set aside, he can go back to it himself later. He likes that he can look ahead (assuming, of course, that I've kept it up) and I like that it gives him practice reading cursive. ;)

I bought handwriting books from Meadowsweet Naturals this year. We don't use lined paper, so E was never quite solid on letter placement. I thought this might clear it up without the harsh lines of notebook paper. The first day I wrote the poetry in his book for him to copy, pointing out which letters dip their tails and which raise their hands. He took to it immediately; Day 2 I let him copy straight from the notebook. His handwriting is beautiful!


Then we watched a mouse on YouTube. Notice how nervous, how twitchy, how alert he seems! Darting this way and that, running fast. E sketched a little practice mouse.


e also received a handwriting book. I'm not sure it is right for her this early. We shall see.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! I am so excited to read this book for her! I just know she will love it. We have done most of her school this week in the waiting room at E's PT appointment. The paint boards fit exactly right over the arms of the chairs. Everyone listens in on the story and then marvels at e's pictures. They ask if this is really school, telling her how lucky she is. Except the few who are against homeschooling... but there will always be those. Each to his own.


This afternoon we had extra time, so e begged me to continue her story. After I read, we 'found' goldfish inside our lumps of modeling beeswax by pinching and pulling and smoothing. Magic!

Form drawing is one of the most meditative parts of our day. Over and over and over the form is drawn, the colors blending and changing with each layer.

Whether it is first grade or fifth, the magic and wonder and feelings of connectedness with the earth never fade. I am very thankful to have found Waldorf...and even more grateful that E is allowing himself to enjoy it!


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