Friday, February 14, 2014

A Day in the Life

I am typing this post knowing, just knowing that as soon as I put this out there, everything will change. That's what happens, right? At least at my house. Just when I think I have it figured out, I suddenly don't. But for right now, 3 or 4 days a week, this is how it goes:


I get up at 6am, just in time to pack a lunch and kiss hubby goodbye as he leaves for work. I prepare 'breakfast snack' plates- fruit and veggies- and leave them on the counter. I use the time left for school prep, knitting, cooking, blogging, or- most often- Facebook. Guinea sits on my lap.


At 7 e (6 yrs) appears. She is my early riser; she's probably been awake since 6, watching the clock. At some point she snuck out and took her plate back to her room. She hangs out in there, listening to Sparkle Stories and playing with her little animals.


e and I make bacon, read stories, and do her main lesson, usually all before big brother E (9 yrs) wakes up around 8. Then there are eggs or pancakes, smoothies or berries... these kids don't ever stop eating. We do chores together, go for a short walk, and by 9:30 have started E's main lesson. Singing practice for e, who is in children's chorus, and Teaching Textbooks math on the computer for E.


I send the kids outside to play while I make lunch. My time to breathe, while Guinea sits on my feet. While they eat, I read to them. Right now we are working our way through Little House on the Prairie. After lunch comes an hour of quiet time. Quiet time is as much for me as it is for them. They usually listen to music or Sparkle Stories or Jim Weiss and do crafts in their rooms. I usually clean up, read, knit, craft, or blog.


After quiet time is....yes...more food. It's usually almost 2 by this time, and E needs a second lunch to get him through. e is always happy to eat with him, lol. This is our free hour. The children can choose to play outside, watch something on Netflix or PBS, do handwork, run wild... anything. We run errands here sometimes.


At 3 it's a mad dash to pack snacks, change clothes, get water bottles, and get out the driveway before rush hour, which on our street begins at 3:32. Seriously, it's that specific. 3:32. The gym is 3 miles away but if aren't out there by 3:30, we sit in the driveway for 10 or more minutes with E saying 'Are we going to be late? Are we going to be late?' Over and over and over.


We drop E at gym, chat with our friends, then head back home, usually stopping at the library or a store on the way home. By then C is home, practicing oboe or saxophone, and e takes my iPad to play games or FaceTime her friend. I start dinner, do some chores, read to e...


We eat dinner around 6:15. e takes her sweet time and finishes by 7, just in time to get ready for bed and hear her Daddy stories (right now Poppy's Return). I tuck her in while C goes to pick up E from the gym.


Did you do the math? That boy is at the gym for 4 hours!! And when he gets home, he isn't even very tired. He eats a huge dinner, C reads to him from the Redwall series, and I tuck him in at 9:30.


I start the dishwasher, tuck in the piggy, and C and I head for bed. Whew.



  1. We are waldorf homeschoolers as well. Loved reading this via Simple Homeschool.

  2. That sounds like such a busy day!

  3. Okay, First of all, thank you for the peek into your life! I really enjoyed it. Secondly, I love the guinea pig! We have two sisters and I have found them to be fantastic pets.

  4. Thank you! Yes, it is busy- but crazily enough it is working! Not for long, I imagine, as the weather improves we will want to spend more and more time outdoors. I love the flexibility homeschooling allows! And that Guinea.... She's one spoiled piggy. We love her to death.

  5. I had the same thought- that when I wrote about our days here lately that they would flip on us soon after lol. Your days sound sweet ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing. It seems so amazing to me what homeschool parents can accomplish in one day. Great work mom.

  7. Loved the guinea pig. They are so adorable. We had one as a pet once, but now we're in Peru where they eat them! Something wrong with that in my opinion! I can tell you're an accomplished mother. Thanks for sharing your day.

  8. Aw thank you! Just doing the best I can with what I have. :)