Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finishing Up

 e finished her person.  She stared at herself for quite a while in the mirror while drawing the eyes.  I love the purple hair!
 E's favorite subject continues to be form drawing.  Over and over he draws these forms.  Very hypnotic and relaxing.  Best of all is drawing them big on the chalkboard, layering over different colors and watching the form change.

We are nearing the end of E's Norse Myths block.  We finished the stories- what a surprise we had at Ragnarokk!  We've been singing the round of Oh Father Odin but didn't understand it until now.  Shocking.  I'm hoping e forgets what she has heard so that she can enjoy it anew in 3 years when it is her turn.
 e chose what to write for this picture.  She laughed all the way through this story, as the man is so impossibly clueless.  I love her little fish poking its head and tail out of the water to speak to the lazy man. 
 A little Valentine form drawing for my e!  All one stroke, don't lift your crayon- care to give it a try?
e's very last final page in her main lesson book!  Never have I ever finished a main lesson book, as E is not fond of writing. She is excited to begin a new one on Monday.  We still have 3 main lesson blocks remaining, which may take us halfway through the next main lesson book.  She can add to it this summer, also, before she starts her second grade books. 

E is keeping his eye on e.  He is beginning to realize that she is doing things he had refused, and benefiting from the activities!  How can that be?  e is hearing so many more stories, learning so many more songs, writing so easily and neatly.... hmmm.  He's been sticking close during e's main lesson time, listening in, absorbing what he previously could not.  I love it.

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