Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Okay With That


e read this poem herself! She is gaining confidence.

She also started choir yesterday. Her smile afterward could not have been larger!

This drawing with the sun behind the girl was e's composition. She dictated which scene she wanted to summarize and how it should look on the page, I drew it, then she copied. But mine was not nearly as awesome. I love love love this. So beautiful.

I wrote E's poem in cursive this week, which did NOT go over well. Not at all. He loves writing cursive, but dispises reading it. Noted.

So....writing. Want to see how my child writes? See below. Yep. This is how my nearly ten-year-old writes. (This was supposed to be a summary of a story I read to him the day before, but summary be damned; why would anyone want to limit a story by taking out its details?!)


I'm totally okay with how he writes. And when I say that it is okay for your child to go at their own pace, I truly mean it. I have confidence that when conventions and spelling become important to E, he'll step it up. Right now he doesn't enjoy writing. If I were to pick it apart and correct him, it would be all over. It's okay. He won't still be writing like this when he's 18, and perhaps by then he'll even find joy in it.

Together we decided what the core story was. I wrote it, and he copied it (over the course of a few days) into his main lesson book. In cursive. Happily.


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