Monday, February 3, 2014

A Few Projects

I finally found the poem for this painting! It now hangs next to our dining room table as a reminder to be reverent. Everyone and everything has a purpose and is to be respected and appreciated. Everything that happens has a purpose and is to be approached as an opportunity, for God has His hand in it and will bring us through. That will never change. e understood it to mean the seasons; the leaves fall and then grow again. The cold and dark come, but light always returns.
I have once again opened shop on Etsy! More to come: felted soaps, finger puppets, dryer balls... I love the creative outlet but also gotta get this boy of mine to regionals! Meet fees and travel expenses and coach fees oh my!
Have you seen my page on Facebook?   It is called (big surprise) Little Strawberry Elephant. :)
It feels good to finally be moving forward with Etsy again!

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