Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spelling Adventures

Day 5 of Sequential Spelling, and E is surprising himself!

The way this program works is by building on a sound. If one can spell 'in' then one can spell 'sin'. From there is 'sinning', 'inning', and 'beginning'. Very little pre-teaching, just a quiz every day in which he corrects each word before moving to the next. Each day adds and subtracts words, building and moving forward. Every day a new quiz. No practice, no memorizing. Patterns and definitions. That's all.


I did not teach the 'double the consonant and add ing' rule...the kids are supposed to pick up on the pattern themselves so they can really own it. We had a small argument over not doing that for plural; you can see with 'fins' he really wanted to write 'finnes'.


It was pure pride on his face when we got to 'disagree', a new word. First try, he got it. And 'beginning'. Remember, this is day 5. Five! I do believe it is a success.



  1. I might try this! I am against spelling lists and tests, but this sounds not too bad! Where did you get it? Thanks Janel for sharing!

  2. Hi Lisa! I removed the repeat comment. Blogger's been acting weird. I bought Sequential Spelling from Christian Boom Supply. It took me a bit to figure out what I needed, which in the end was only the teachers guide revised edition. The student workbook is nice to have, keeping a record of his lists and it has little activities to do with his words, but not necessary. For some reason E has wanted to do the fill-in-the-blanks pages but of course not the look-it-up-in-the-dictionary pages, lol. I don't ever expect him to do any of it; I don't feel that will help him. There's a video on the author's website that explains the methodology if you felt like showing that to J to get her input.

  3. Boom Supply? Oh good grief.... Christian Book Supply!