Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guinea Pigs and Little Tables

For his birthday present, we gave E two art lessons. This guinea pig is from the second. Amazing! I wish we could do more.

The weather has been so lovely (well, until last night!) that we have spent much of our time outside! Or at least tried to. It is hard to keep up with indoor chores and cooking while outside, and these silly kids of mine no longer race outside without me. I miss that about their earlier years. E used to rush outside first thing. Now it takes a firm push. Our little preschool-sized table has been helpful; it is perfect to squeeze around for those times when you want to be outside, but not running around.

We have started again at Story of the World, this time making a family lesson book from it. So far so good, if our Nile will ever sprout.....more on this later.

e and I planted our little square foot garden- more on ts later also! So much to say!

And here. This was one of those times where I said "Go outside!" Intending for them to run off energy... but instead I look outside to see this. :) How can I complain? Life is good.


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