Sunday, April 27, 2014

Story of the World

We've started over with Story of the World volume one, this time doing a family lesson book. I made the first page after we read about Nomads. I told them we were creating our own textbook, so we could look back and refresh our memories whenever we wanted. I showed them a textbook I'd checked out from the library and asked if they'd rather learn from one, or make their own. E's view of main lesson books immediately changed! How cool that we are creating our own books! Somehow he hadn't made that connection before.

For chapter two, I drew the map and border. We summarized it together. I asked E if he wanted to write it in. Of course he didn't. I asked e, and she said YES! So of course E wanted to then. Silly boy. e wrote the first two lines, then E wrote the rest. They collaborated on the picture.

Then we created the Nile in a pan. Potting soil, grass seed, and some flood waters. It's growing pretty well.

We enjoy Story of the World. A year or two ago we mummified a game hen for the chapter on Egyptian mummies. It was seriously disgusting....but never did smell bad. Pretty amazing science lesson for all of us. I can't wait to get further in. There are four volumes, from the ancients up to the present day.


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