Monday, August 25, 2014


What have we done this past week or two? Knocked down a few walls, tie-dyed everything we could get our hands on, painted, sewed, knit, played with Legos, supervised a yard sale and an overnight at the gym...whew! As far as school, here's the latest:
This girl of mine can pearl! But what cat is complete without a mousie friend? This morning she whipped up a mouse. On her own.
e has been watching and learning from E's lessons, much to E's annoyance. "Wait three years," he tells her. "This is my task." Ha.
This is e's actual lesson, from Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:
(A brown wet-on-wet watercolor, then brown crayons. Everything is brown in Minli's village.)
(Notice arm placement changes between these two pages? Progress!)
This story has so much to offer. I'm pretty sure this will become an annual autumn read, just as Kringle has become our Christmas classic.
A review of forms. Never, ever would I do more than one form a week if these were new! Reviewing running forms is quite calming; if only the paper was longer! The one below is a favorite, thus earning itself its own page.
Man and Animal. First, the mouse. Always sensing, always reacting, much like our nervous system.
Next, the lion. Rhythmic like our respiratory and circulatory systems.
Love, love, love. We are coming up on my favorite season: autumn! The air is cooler this week, it's not as humid. e found green acorns at the botanical gardens yesterday. Fall is near. E is already dreaming of the meatloaf dragon we have planned for Michaelmas. Whoever gave me that idea, thank you! e, on the other hand, is dreaming of snicker doodle dragon cookies. We have the best sugar cookie recipe. The other day C made the kids 'way-better-than-Oreos' cookies out of snicker doodles (using the sugar cookie as the basic recipe) and whipped coconut cream, frozen. Yum.

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