Friday, August 1, 2014

Last Minute Planning

This is my mess. Well, one of my many messes. I'm planning for the school year that begins on Monday!

Man and Animal is up first for E. Animal as specialist. The mouse, ever sensing, always reacting, much like our heads. The eagle, who soars like our thoughts. The lion, rhythmic and constant, as our hearts beat and our lungs breathe. The cow, quietly munching, like our digestive system. This block has a very Native American feel to it, so I know E is going to enjoy it quite a bit.


For e is Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. A beautiful story full of a talking goldfish, a brave little girl, peaches, and dragons. Kindness and bravery conquers all. e will also be starting a sky scarf project! The kit came today, and the alpaca yarn is incredibly soft and fine. It will feel so good to knit with.


I'm trying out a new.... assignment book, for lack of a better word. More on that later. ;)


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