Monday, September 16, 2013

Jamestown Settlement

Today we made our second trek to Jamestown Settlement on our Homeschool Days tickets. The first time, C and e hung out together while E and I spent hours at the Indian village. E had time to quietly study what he was seeing and ponder the answers to his questions. This time it was just me, and e had picked up a whole lot of facts about the fort with C that she wanted to share with her brother who didn't make it to the fort last time.....leaving no space for pondering. But still I saw E pick out small things to study: the locks on doors, the shoes the colonists wore, the armor, the wooden pegs and square-head nails. Meanwhile e noticed other things: the style of hat the colonist was knitting, the texture of the red curtains on the governor's bed, the frog hiding in the pile of wood. She was quick to answer any question, even answering one that stumped a group of older children: What star can be seen in both hemispheres and only during the day?

Powhatan dwelling. E marveled over the woven mats and strong construction.

Bone needles, thread made of tendon!

Big, heavy canoes in progress.

Fish net. The man took so much time explaining to E how to weave a fish net, a basket, and rope.

One of the locks in the fort.


My treasure-hunting girl found ACORNS! Very exciting.

And I found leaves turning!! It may still be 86 degrees during the day, but fall is coming....


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