Sunday, September 15, 2013


This is how today started:
Our neighbor has had a pile of boards in their front yard all summer. I finally asked what they plan to build, and guess what?! They told us they were building nothing- did we need the boards for anything? An amazing, wonderful blessing!

You see, a vital component to a third grade education is building a structure large enough to crawl inside, as a nine-year-old is in he process of building his or her own sense of self separate from parents, friends, and family. We had been telling E that he would build his once we got to Virginia. But now in Virginia, we are under a super-tight budget in order to afford gymnastics. Uniforms, meets, hotels, fees, training, oh my! And then e's gymnastics. So no money for wood.

Until our neighbor offered us this huge pile of boards! Answer to prayer. Now to haul it over to a safe spot until E decides on the blueprint to follow. We are so excited!

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