Monday, September 23, 2013

Continuing On

We got sidetracked with acorn-hunting and the absolutely gorgeous weather last week, but today the kids wanted back into the school routine. e's prince heard the wise woman tell the story of The Six Swans and felt (ahhhh) A, a sense of wonder.

They traveled through a valley and saw a lot of trees. Slowly, the prince is learning to stop whining.

E used all his efforts on the birch tree and igloos and had nothing left for the writing, so we skipped it. All last week was full of frustration and trouble over his birch tree not coming out as he thought it should. I wasn't sure we would actually even get this drawing into his main lesson book. Thus this is not a failure to meet the standard of copywork, this is total and complete success! He is so pleased with his tree. See the exclamation point? :)

Guinea is back to her cheerful Netflix-watching self. It is such a relief to see her returning to her old habits!

Nature has gifted us with many, many treasures! e's shelf outside is overflowing.

I don't know where September has gone! The children are so excited for Michaelmas. This will be our third year celebrating it, so they have many ideas for this year's festival activities. So far on their list this year: dragon cookies, decorating dragon candles, listening to The Devil's Scythe, capes and swords, blackberries, and (new this year) making and flying kites! What do you have planned for Michaelmas?


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