Friday, September 27, 2013


Today we got up bright and early. Well, it wasn't bright yet. Let's just say early. Smoothie and cold bacon and pressed clothes and into the car, all before sunrise. Today was the day my dear C has waited for! Promotion. He's been promotable for over 2 long years. It's a numbers game, and somewhere in there the rules changed as the Army began to downsize. He just kept on and made sure his numbers stayed up. Today I buttoned his new shoulder boards onto his Class B, and he looked so... Happy. Content. Back in his element. He likes it here; the job, the people, the climate. I saw familiar faces in the audience, faces from our time in Virginia prior to Alaska. This really does feel like home.


On the way home, E tucked both old shoulder boards between the buttons on his shirt and declared himself an E10. Until he found out that officers are above enlisted.... He became an O14, which must be above a 5-star general. Maybe even above the commander-in-chief.

e's fawn and bear, and the concerned sound 'ooooo' (U) when the prince was worried the bear cub would drown. Thankfully mama bear was able to swoop in and save her cub from the raging water.

For a few days now, E has been building with balloons. Cars, tractors, animals, but most of all costumes! Astronaut, diver, clown, knight in purple armor... He has amassed quite a collection.

e has been building a paper chain for over a week. Today we looped it around and around her room.

Today I traded out toys. When we moved in, I filled four tubs with games, books, and toys for rotation. I decided it was time to switch, as the current toys have not been played with, not even once. The Legos appeared, and the cat. Such sweet memories I have of that cat. He's been with us since E was tiny, a gift from Nana. Also in that tub were four of e's who-knows-how-many teeny purple bunnies, and the husky named Poodle.

St. George and e's shining crystal took their place at the table, as it is nearly Michaelmas. Most Waldorf families have a nature table. We have a nature....plate. It keeps my little treasure-finder from piling it on. We are all quite allergic, after all. She has shelves and shelves outside on the deck, full of wonderful leaves, seeds, pinecones, gum balls, shells, sticks, rocks, and (from Alaska) a moose jaw. And every day, she beings home something new. My sweet naturalist.


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