Monday, September 9, 2013

Wickiups and Golden Geese

Another installment in e's main lesson book. The golden goose, the juggling jester, and O.

E has been very into learning about the people of the woodlands. He built a lean-to sort of wickiup, one that would have been used as a very temporary shelter during a hunt. As he stood back and admired it, he suddenly started jumping around. "Mom! It's camouflage! They would also have been hidden from sight in one of these!" On Sunday I took him to see Jamestown Settlement. He and I spent 2 hours in the Powhatan Indian village, and I could tell it spoke to him. Pictures to come. It was a beautiful morning!


Today we did nothing but a nutritionist appointment. Well, we got the bathrooms clean and did laundry, ate meals, and e learned to do a back walkover. There was some learning in there, I'm sure. :)


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