Thursday, September 5, 2013


Guinea is still the ever-hungry piggy we know and love! We put down towel and fleece paths around the kitchen and nook so that her feet don't slide and stress her leg more, and she makes ample use of them in her never-ending attempts to get more food from us.

It is a beautiful day today, not too hot, nice breeze... So we hauled out some water tubs and tubing. The children experimented with draining one tub to the next, flinging water tubes, blowing water out, making bubbles, etc while I worked on removing dead branches from a hydrangea bush that hadn't been cared for in quite a while.

Our next task is building a wickiup. Not a big, curved one, as we have no trees in our yard, but more like a lean-to against the fence. An experiment to see if we can indeed make a shelter from branches that will shed rain. Because we have branches, and pine needles, and leaves, and it was a common temporary shelter by Native Americans. So why not? It will be small, but we will make it work!


e drew the characters into her main lesson book. It wasn't okay for them to remain on separate paper, or be glued in. She wanted them permanently in their place.


E hasn't chosen his main lesson books yet. No word on how soon he'll feel something is important enough for that.


How different these two children of mine are, and how easily their preferences are accepted as the norm without a class of 30 surrounding them. I love homeschooling!


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