Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chalk and Rope

Gymnastics has taken over. Our children are head-over-heels in love with the rush that comes from working their bodies hard and seeing results. They come out with words and phrases I've never heard before, and they relish teaching me what a muscle-up or a kip or a layout might be. They come out with chalk everywhere, sweaty and proud.

boys waiting in line for parallel bars

That is E up on the rings, but the muscle-up he's practicing with help is old news; he counts it as a solid skill now, just days later. 16 hours a week has been good for him. He craves the motion, the joint compression, and the challenge. In two months he has moved from not-quite-level 5 to performing a few level 5 bonus moves.

Then there's e in the pale pink (shiny!) leo. She does 3 hours a week and loves every. single. minute! Top of the rope? No problem. She has a strong body and an even stronger mind. Very determined, that one.

I am so thankful that with careful budgeting we can afford this opportunity. C works very hard to support us, and God has provided at every turn.


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