Friday, September 13, 2013

So Much to Learn!

I came home from e's gymnastics last night to E's excited "MOM! MOM! Look what I did!" Apparently C had exclaimed over the gas mileage of a motorcycle and asked E if he knew how far it could travel on 3 gallons at 53 mpg. E took the challenge and ran with it, then asked C for more and more multiplication problems. He had a whole page of long multiplication to show me. Which got e going- "Give me some problems, daddy!" She ended up finding 6 ways to make ten and 4 ways to make 8.

e's story a few days ago took the prince to a lady's house. The lady tells the prince that she once went on a journey, also. This is a pre-written story; I had nothing to do with this! But e was thrilled, thinking that this lady is (fictional) e, all grown up, as (fictional) e went on a journey last year and had blond hair, so she added in Cerwydwin, (fictional) e's guinea pig guide. He's eating a pepper in her picture.

I've had plenty of kitchen help!

Bouncing Banana the garden spider disappeared from E's window for a few days, then reappeared much thinner. Here's why! TWO egg cases!

"We have strawberries." Or at least they look like strawberries, growing wild under our porch. Teeny tiny ones.

E's weather journal in progress. I love his depiction of clouds! Interesting note- He always drew the sun as a spiral until last January, when he discovered that my cousin loves to draw as well and draws suns like this. Now all his suns are triangular. :)


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