Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Last night our wonderful vet called to see how Guinea was doing and to let us know that she'd be out of the office for a week. I told her Guinea's back end still seemed to be bugging her. The vet thought a ruptured cyst should have cleared up by now. Would I consider bringing G in for x-rays with sedation in the morning? I hemmed and hawed.... I didn't want to be a worrier, G might just need time, and oh my the vet bills were already high! I knew the importance of doing sedation while G is healthy, though; piggies don't do well in general with sedation, and a sick piggy going into anesthesia is not likely to come out. Then this morning G looked a bit wide to me... Which was the start of the downhill last time. That was that. I packed her up with veggies and hay and dropped her off at the vet. Super-awesome tech guy was there, which made me feel better.


Meanwhile we mowed the lawn, played around in the shade of the carport, read a chapter of Little House on the Prairie, ate lunch, found a wasp in the bathroom (?!) and caught it in a jar to release outside, and prayed that the vet would find the source of Guinea's pain. During quiet time I swept, dusted, folded laundry, decluttered, and washed every last dish that had piled up while our sink/dishwasher was out of commission. My house always looks better when I worried, especially if the someone I'm worried about is not home.


I took E to gymnastics and finally got a call from the vet's office. Guinea is awake. Come and get her. Thankfully C was home by then, so I dropped e (who was hungry but I'd forgotten snacks!) and zipped off to get Guinea. I was glad the rush-hour traffic was going the other way.


After only a short wait G was brought to me, munching her hay but PUFFED. Even her cheeks and chin were ruffled up, and her eyes had been gooped. I opened her cage and she leaned against me, shivering a little from the sedation.


The vet brought in the x-rays. They had first done belly views, which showed a big bubble of air in her tummy (stress) and lots of food in her intestines (good). No ovaries were visible (good). But look at her left leg. Near the knee there is a white line! They then took more angles of her leg to be sure. Yep, fracture. The vet was as amazed as I. What in the world?!? Not that it doesn't happen, but that was not at all what we expected to find!


Which then begs the question: HOW did she break her leg?! When? Where? She jumped off the couch a year ago. Too long ago. She caught her leg a few times when hopping out of her kitchen box. Maybe.


There was a day a few weeks back when C was the first one up in the morning. As he prepared a smoothie (G's all-time favorite ever food) suddenly Guinea appeared at his feet. He hadn't heard her squeak because of the mighty vitamix, and..... Hadn't even opened her door! But here she sat. She had driven her box house up to the door, climbed on, and leaped towards the super yummy breakfast-making person. She didn't appear hurt, so we laughed and made sure she couldn't do that again.


That's most likely when it happened. Crazy pig! Now she's sleeping off the pain medication.

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