Wednesday, October 1, 2014


My mother and mother-in-law are one day apart in age, born on opposite coasts and to very different families. I feel blessed by the different world views, talents, and temperaments that these two women have brought to myself, my husband, and ultimately my children.


One is a nurse, a teacher, a cyclist, and a survivor. She has limitless energy for new adventures and makes delicious food. The other is creative and observant; she will read, draw, paint, or watch kid-antics for hours.


So every fall, the kids and I search the Internet and library for gift ideas worthy of these two ladies. This year, the children chose a simple but beautiful craft: watercolor cards, because the only thing better than a letter is a letter in a colorful card, right?


These weren't the only reason we headed to the post office last week, though- a fluffy pink elephant for a new big sister, a yellow elephant for a teeny baby brother, and a boob hat for a newborn.

We love making goodies to share!


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