Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn is Here!

In the summer, our house is usually 76-83 degrees. In the winter, 62-69. Except G's room; she has her own heater to keep her room 69ish degrees. This is why:

Even though she has fur, her little bare feet get chilly! How to knit tiny slippers that she wouldn't chew to bits? Anyway, now that autumn is here, our house has dropped to 68. A super puffed-up fluffed pig meets me in the kitchen for breakfast, and when she stands on my feet her toes are like ice! Let's just say she's been getting a lot of snuggle time under towels and blankets in our laps these past few days!

Our dragon candles, burning bright, devouring our worries in preparation for Advent. e is very happy she is strong enough to light them this year!

S read The Knight and the Dragon at our Autumn Equinox/Martinmas gatherings few weeks ago. She gathered the young ones in the tipi while E pretended to be totally uninterested. After she began reading, he quietly went to listen from the doorway...and quickly moved away as she read the final page!


Really, who wouldn't be interested in a story read by S? She's our official story-teller, ever since Lammas when she read Blueberries for Sal complete with little tin pails for each child to make their own 'kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk' sounds. She thinks of everything. What I want to know is how she fit herself and four children into the little tipi!


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