Sunday, October 5, 2014

Octopus and Dragon

It seems we have hardly been home the past two months! Going, going. Now physical therapy for E is finished- 40 miles less driving each week! Whew! Now we can settle in at home more and learn about some more awesome animals and begin our autumn crafting.


We have managed to study hydrothermal vent life in between appointments and gymnastics. Pretty incredible environment to thrive in! E is most fond of the octopus. He even has a felt octopus in progress.


We tried our hand at colored pencil- mine is on the left, E's is on the right.

Then watercolor. Oh my this came out fantastic!

Meanwhile, e tried her hand at color mixing. So pretty!

We used some earlier watercolors for form drawing paper.

The final product is beautiful...but of course e practiced quite a bit first!

Continuing on with Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:



Our Michaelmas was spread out over several days this year and included a dragon meatloaf and a new craft: printing! More about that after I get the pictures off my camera. Happy autumn!


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