Sunday, October 26, 2014

Art, Art, Art!

We've been all about art lately! Very little book work and a whole lot of crafting and creativity.

e is pretty taken by these little boxes we made for place value. We must have 50 or so of them now!

Meanwhile, E has been creating masterpieces of his own, both with paper and yarn.

No patterns for this boy. Experimentation all the way! Above is his stuffed fig...

and a pouch that he crocheted the edges together BEFORE he knew that was the way to do it. Default should have been mattress stitch from his knitting days. Clever kid.


Below is who-knows-what. :) More experimenting.

A ball! He is loving the flexibility crochet allows. No patterns! No right way, no wrong way. Nobody's rules but his own.


Then there's free-rein watercolors.

A house in a field at sunrise

And a fairy door under a rainbow!

See my knitting? I finally used a skein of yak down I was given over a year ago to make myself a cozy, warm cowl!


The kids have been very creative outside as well. Crazy games and costumes every day!

Hotdog, pumpkins, and a little white creature by e- needle felting with friends!

Meanwhile, E tries out some new tutorials on you tube:

Let us not forget the octopus.... (E's and mine)

Octy the Octopus, by E. Pretty awesome! He's been stitching away a leg at a time for two months!

This has to be the coolest discovery yet. These are origami claws! They fit on the kids' fingers and are just oh so much fun.

I love our crafty life. :)


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