Saturday, October 18, 2014

Place Value Adventures

e has started place value! Sunday evening she told me she just could NOT wait until Monday morning, so we began! She caught on immediately. It was interesting to hear her questions- why is 111 not just one acorn in each column?


But when she sat down to math on Monday morning, she had forgotten her times tables, how to add, subtract, multiply, fact, didn't even know which sign meant what. Just as her brother had done at just this point three years ago. It is as if my children cannot add place value to their brains without dumping everything else!

After a lot of tears and frustration, I was able to lead her through a review.

Thus it wasn't until Tuesday that we continued on with place value.

The trees kept dropping more acorns to help us with addition:

But why is this not the answer? She thought about this one for a while. I sat at the table with her, but my attention remained on winding embroidery thread. This was her puzzle.

Ah, there we go.

I showed her what carrying looked like in numbers, but do not expect her to master this aspect until the next math block.

We have since done much addition and subtraction of acorns. Many trees drop acorns, and many hungry squirrels come by for snacks and meals. She is far from proficient but is on the right path!


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