Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Meet Thing

E is rocking this meet thing. He is strong and confident and in. his. element.

At one point near the end, one of the other mothers told me my E had the top all-around score so far for level 5 of our gym! He ended up with two third place medals. He looked totally stunned. :)

It's all him. He lives for gymnastics. When I was a kid, I was in all sorts of different activities. The ones I loved most, dance and gymnastics, I wasn't that good at. I am grateful beyond words that E has found not only what he loves, but where he excels.

e is still looking for her thing. She enjoys gymnastics, but not like her brother. She liked martial arts, horseback riding, swimming, and ice skating. She rocked piano, but needs a group activity. We've talked her into trying out for a children's chorus in January, and in preparing for the audition, we have realized just how strong her ear is. She loves to sing. Maybe, just maybe, this will be her thing.


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