Friday, December 20, 2013

Bit by Bit


This is our 'shoe spot'. We used to have a big pile of shoes, then a box of shoes. It was jumbled and confusing and we had wet grass bits everywhere. I had been complaining about it here and there, straightening it as best I could, wondering aloud how much a shoes rack would cost or how hard it might be to make one.


So on Thanksgiving, my sweet husband went out to the garage and built me one. I thought he was just cutting and sanding boards to lay across bricks, so e and I found and washed six bricks. E went out to help daddy, and they came back (looking mighty proud) with this!


I love the cleared floor space and ease of locating both shoes in a pair. I love looking at this space, amid the chaos of my other current projects. Simple as it is, it calms me. Even the six bricks that have yet to go back outside look almost as if they belong.


Now back to the other projects....


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