Friday, December 13, 2013

Snowflakes and a Bit of Home

Ever since the day I walked into one of my fourth grade classrooms during my first year of teaching and saw giant, 3D snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, I have wanted to make them for myself. They were so big and beautiful, gently turning above each set of desks. So now, 13 whole years later, I finally did! And they are beautiful.

Notice that St. Nicholas is standing on crystals? E decided to see what else borax crystals would stick to. Turns out the crystals form on the cardboard, but won't stick to it until the cardboard dries... after which it makes a lovely platform.

Grandma sent us some greenery fresh from her yard in Oregon! Pine, scotch broom, Oregon grape, juniper. A little bit of home. Thanks, Grandma!


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