Sunday, December 8, 2013

December School

This month we are taking a break. It's all craftiness and baking and enjoying the not-winter weather.

We made gingerbread men. We tried pomegranites. Yum!

I knit e a Santa hat without a pattern. It didn't measure up to her expectations at first, but now she won't take it off! It's more of an elf hat, especially without the pompom. I look forward to making many more. E has already put in his request.

e has many secret crafts going on in her room. Apparently Mama Bunny and Buttercup the horse are supervising.

Borax crystal snowflakes, oh my... very pretty!

E and I are reading Kringle together. e decided to opt out after the first chapter, feeling like it might be too scary.


Today begins the Advent week of plants. Grandma is sending some Oregon greenery, and I have many plant crafts up my sleeve. Today it rained and blew, so tomorrow there will be many damp leaves to admire.


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