Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Long Weekend

Snow day today! I actually hauled out my real camera. Our house being so dim and the weather being so cold and windy, I haven't used it much lately. I also just recently discovered how to enlarge pictures in Blogsy, so I'm including a few different sized photos for comparison in this post. :)

The kids ran outside first thing, then ran back to the door yelling "MOM! It's tundra snow!" You know, the snow in Alaska that is blown into solid layers that then make excellent blocks for use in igloo-making. Days like this make me miss Alaska! Anyway, the kids enjoyed walking on top of the snow crust for a while before it melted just a bit and began to give way. E declared it much more dramatic to fall through four feet of snow as we did in Alaska than the measly four inches here, though.


Eventually E turned the cracking crust into a game. He laid down and pulled himself from hole to hole as fast as he could, which was pretty speedily. No need for a sled or a hill here, the kids slid around the yard for over an hour this way!

e has begun her set of art lessons Grandad gifted her with for Christmas. A happy squirrel is in the works!

e made exactly one Valentine this year, and what a science lesson it turned out to be! She found the pine cones a few weeks ago on a walk, and pushed them together. They sat on our deck in the cold for several days. When e brought them inside, they had closed...still stuck together! She brought them inside and painted them. Over the course of 5 days, they opened, starting at the large end. Each day another few rows had opened, until finally they were fully open again.

My birthday was this weekend as well, and e woke me with a treasure hunt! There were berries and whipped coconut cream for cake, and my most favorite tea. Spaghetti squash (with a bow) and chicken for dinner. I didn't have to wash a single dish or make breakfast (the most time-consuming meal in our house). I finished several small projects and finally sewed up the ripped seam in E's favorite gym shorts. It was a lovely day.

Last week's lessons included St. Valentine, whom e was shocked to find out was a man. ;) Love and hearts would be a woman, no?

Circle vocabulary. He's been seeing most of these words for a few years in Teaching Textbooks, so nothing super new.

E's handwriting, one line a week...

We haven't done school in days and days. Tomorrow we get back at it!


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