Tuesday, February 24, 2015


It is always a wonderful affirmation to find out E already knows the math material I plan to teach. Teaching Textbooks only appears to progress slowly! This turned out to be easy review.


Today dawned 22 degrees, so e and I decided it was a good day for a frost painting. The last time we did a frost painting was in Alaska at 42 degrees below zero! Would it come out different? Indeed. Beautifully large crystals formed!


While those crystals were forming, we headed to the pool. The kids took a deep water test, passing easily, and spent two whole hours swimming laps, diving, and inventing variations of flips and twists under water. As we were leaving, the lifeguard (also e's swim teacher) stopped me to say that e had definitely passed level 3. Excellent! She has one more class this weekend before she starts a stroke clinic to prepare her for a summer swim team. She has progressed very fast, as she always does. But swimming is something she has been begging for since... well, babyhood. And she likes every single thing about it. Perhaps she has found her thing.

Speaking of finding what makes one's heart sing...E continues to thrive in gymnastics. The head coach has been working all season on easing E into Future Stars. He pulled E for the training, taught him the routines, all without telling E why. Now he's encouraging E to attend the Future Stars camp in June, and has told E he will be at least a level 7 next season. Maybe 8. That means training with the big boys! Coach has pulled E a few times in the past few weeks to train with levels 7-10, and E had a blast. I wonder if the coach is trying to build E's confidence as we lead up to state...but whatever his purpose, E is absolutely thrilled.


But back to school. The planners are working beautifully! I added a list to the front of each to remind us all what needs to happen each day:

I'm also trying to once again stick to the plan. A do-over. I don't know if E has calmed down any, but his behavior is once again 'normal'. As in we have gotten used to it, so we don't over-react, so E doesn't escalate. Usually. He is acting much less anxious, too. Bit by bit, there is progress!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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