Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day

I finally, finally cleared my craft table enough for a work space. It has been piled high for a long time! Now I can disappear for a few quiet-ish moments rather than sit at the dining room table in the very center of everything. Except that my quiet spot is in G's room, so she tends to then sit on my feet and tug at my pant leg, thinking I'm there to feed her.


We had a beautiful Sunday- sunshine, warm weather....we finally got the bike rack onto the car, figured out how to attach the bikes, and I took the kids to the botanical gardens for a ride. e was quite excited, but E seemed determined to ruin the experience purely because we had never done this before. The bike rack was new, the air pump was new, the warm weather was new, to be on a bike at the gardens was new, daddy working a girls' gym meet instead of me was new, the purple gymnastics shirt daddy was wearing was new.... But everyone survived. e kept singing Jamie Grace's song "It's a Beautiful Day" in between yelling at E for going too slow and listening to squirrels rustling in the bushes as we rode past. I'm glad I pushed through and got us there, because the next day blew in COLD!


E's fun with geometry is continuing nicely.

Notice the date? I didn't take the picture upside down...he actually wrote the date that way. He reminds me of myself sometimes. When I was in middle and high school, I took the majority of my notes in what my kids call 'mirror writing'.....just because I could.


My favorite quote from e's time with St. Brigid is this: "Mom, I like St. Brigid because she glew. That must have been beautiful."

This is how geometry is done:

e has been enjoying an old Explode the Code during quiet time.

G and e have been snuggling in the mornings, when G has cold paws...

Yesterday, I took the kids swimming. I usually bring planning material and get in an hour of school prep while the kids play, but this week I decided to get in. I wanted to give e a chance in deeper water to practice her new swimming skills. I ended up swimming 12 laps; 6 with each child. Whew! Then I stood at the drop off point while E figured out new ways to tread water beside me and e swam from the wall to me, me to the wall, never stopping. Back and forth in front crawl for another 15 minutes or so. Best part is that she wasn't even tired at the end! Summer swim team, here she comes!


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