Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My E


My E has settled right in. He is not fighting our new rhythm. He has moments of frustration, but what child doesn't? I'm talking about the anger- the yelling and stomping and pounding- and outright refusal. It's gone. We have moved into the smooth part of his year, and I am enjoying every minute!

He is still E, of course. I still follow his lead, while at the same time guiding. We still accomplish only a fraction of what I plan, but it is accomplished happily. He's back into reading, currently whipping through The Borrowers. He competed in his third gym meet, this time reaching silver on floor and bronze on vault.

What I don't do is insist on any extra writing. He loves cursive and will happily copy a few sentences. He enjoys illustrating stories that speak to him. He is passionate about form drawing. But as far as constructing a paragraph.... I don't see any reason to push it right now. Nor do I tear apart stories for analysis. The stories remain whole. That is important.

He is still into duct tape. This is a much prettier pencil holder than a plain jar, no?

Form drawing! He and I have missed it greatly.

This picture of the 9 Norse Worlds caused some frustration. Writing so small did not agree with him.

First cursive in over a year, at his request. Suddenly he doesn't mind writing, if it can be big and cursive.

Tilting the cursive but not the line was hard!

Here E took the 4-triangle form and made it his own. He loves bold colors and patterns.


He is still working on Math 3 of Teaching Textbooks, and I'm okay with that. He's doing it without a fight, he's understanding it...no complaints.


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