Thursday, January 30, 2014


One of the wonderful parts of homeschooling this way is that I must do my own creative work. I draw every picture, make every form, write every sentence, read every story, and knit every pattern before I bring it to my children. It forces me to slow down and focus, training my will just as my children train theirs.


When E was younger, I had great difficulty writing in a straight line or free-handing even squares. In school I always had lined paper, a ruler, and beautiful handwriting. The few times my children have written on lined paper, it's a mess. They don't yet understand how the letters should be arranged, such as the g trailing its feet in the water. Or they write ON the line, as in the line going straight through the letters as if they've been crossed out. Is that bad? I don't think so. My children can write in straight lines where there are none; I believe that takes more practice and will than writing on a line. Think spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. When the skill of writing on a line becomes necessary, they'll learn it easily.


Anyway, today is another snow day! Daddy's home from work again and there is plenty of white stuff to jump around in. Both kids finished their schoolwork and chores by 10:30am and were out the door by 10:35!


E painted Muspelheim and worked on some heart forms (mine is pictured above) while e drew hearts upon hearts after finishing her dwarf picture.

Now to bake some apples and enjoy this day together! Happy snow day!


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