Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

How did you ring in the new year? We spent the night at the gym!


For families with children on team, 70-some hours of fundraising time is required each year. We accomplish our hours by supervising at overnights (plus a yard sale a few months ago). Parents pay for their kids to spend the night at the gym, running and jumping and eating pizza and building forts. Usually a teeny bit of sleeping happens, too. And always a handstand competition.

My E does not like handstand competitions. Upside down in a crowd, he can't see or hear very well. So he avoids them. This time he gave it a shot. Go E!


Then for fun, a few dads decided to try it.

Some did better than others, lol.

These two dads even had an Army vs Navy obstacle course race. It was uneven to begin with, a musician against a special ops diver, so amid the silliness our children ran interference for their daddy. :)

Then a countdown to midnight, complete with a balloon drop.


The majority of those 500-ish balloons were inflated by C earlier, faster than I could tie them. Reminiscent of the blow-the-candle-out-from-across-the-room competitions I'd witnessed at saxophone studio parties in college. Saxophonists do have very strong lungs.

We arrived home in 2014 with piles of chalky blankets and pillows, tired but happy children, and an indignant pig who considered us late for breakfast.


Happy new year!


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