Monday, January 27, 2014

A New Week

Our new week began with e in tears. Why? Because I asked her to read the word list again in order to correct a few stumbles. She despises re-reading with all her heart. But I requested it, and even told her that she would need to read the list of 6 words again before watching Wild Kratts. It isn't that school comes before screens, it is that when we begin something, we must finish it. After over an hour of complaining and whining, she did it. And she felt good about it. She closed her lesson book feeling like she had accomplished something.

e's pig is coming along nicely, and has even acquired several lace dresses with fancy buttons sewn during quiet time. Ears were finished this morning, to be sewn on after lunch. e even tossed one ear that did not come out to her liking. Proud does not even come close to describing how I feel about that! She isn't in this to simply finish the task; she wants to do it right.


E also is knitting an animal. E has a love/hate relationship with knitting. He loves the final product, but the process, especially if it involves a new skill or pattern, quickly frustrates him to the point of yelling and slamming doors and hiding under blankets. So I was pretty surprised when he asked me for the shoelace yarn and- in one afternoon- knit almost an entire animal. He calls it a 'shlamb'. Half sheep, half lamb. No pictures are allowed until it's finished.


Last week was a crazy weather week. On Tuesday we raced to the beach to enjoy the last few hours of warm-ish weather and thus witnessed the sudden swirl of wind changing direction, turning cold. The waves increased, the sand blew, and seagulls hunkered down low.

The next morning we awoke to icy temps and several inches of snow! Our first snowfall since leaving Alaska.

e could not wait to get outside!

Schools and libraries closed, choir was cancelled, and we stayed at home and played. Thank goodness for our all-wheel drive Subaru, though. C was able to drive E to and from gymnastics. We all know E would have been a mess without it!


We continued on with bits of school, but quite a lot of it took a backseat to the snow, as it should. This is how E pictures the Norse creation story.


e painted a person fishing. Our friend K has promised to teach e how to fish this summer, and she has not forgotten!

Division has proven to be as easy as multiplication for this girl. She is working on her 3s times table now.

Kids in the kitchen means pulled pork for lunch! We do a lot of lettuce wraps. Who needs tortillas?

e kept bringing in the snow to melt. She was amazed every time at how little water it melted to be, and how dirty!

e embroidered the signs on her math squirrels. The mom's sign is a heart!

I like to give e a shorter poem than E, but the truth is they always both memorize both! They love the verse and rhyme (and the attention they receive while reciting, I believe!).

E usually turns his into a song. Everything turns into a song for my children. :)


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