Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The children went trick-or-treating- E as a toilet, e as a bat- and of course came home with a lot of candy. Most of it they could not eat, so this is what they did:

We had all sorts of little sticky creations decorating our table! Best ever use of candy.


We also have flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, books, and a Wish Bone video that neighbors, friends, and family have sent or brought for little e's recovery. Thank you so much!


This piggy is still trucking along, despite the fact that our house is freakin cold! Our furnace died last week. We bought a small infrared heater for G's room, as piggies can't tolerate cold and we can't very well wrap her up in coats and mittens. The heater's been running constantly for 2 days now and can't get her room above 65. Brrr. Thankfully G is not as delicate as her breed would indicate. We had our chimney swept today, so by tonight we will have another source of heat.

The maple by the street is beginning to turn. It might finally be fall in Virginia!

We finally carved pumpkins yesterday. E carved the center pumpkin completely by himself!

I just realized one of E's drawings on the cast is a guinea pig pooping...

Today e had her split cast removed, x-rays taken, and a new cast put on. The pins were freaky to see, but luckily they are on the back of her elbow so she only got a quick glimpse of one rather than the full effect of all 3. Here's one x-ray:

Pretty new cast! Three weeks and she's done. Pretty amazing how fast children heal.


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