Friday, November 15, 2013

Back to School

e and G are recovering, doctor and vet appointments seem to be over for the time being, so this week was devoted to getting back into a schooly, art project routine.

We finished E's weaving project he started in Alaska. He's pretty proud of his work.

The children opted to make balloon and tissue paper lanterns for Martinmas this year. We invited our friends to walk with us, and fun was had by all. 4 children ages 6 to 11 tromping through the woods with lanterns in the dark, with the youngest one singing I go outside with my lantern, my lantern goes with me... It was a lovely night.

Children with lanterns in a dark wood are never still!

We are slowly making progress on E's spinning wheel. My sweet, crafty friend in Alaska made E the kit for his birthday last March. We finally, finally painted it, bees waxed it, and bought the few remaining bits. We should be up and spinning by next week!

Our friends brought clay and tools yesterday. So much fun! We haven't done any modeling in a long time.

e's number adventure continued from this last month


To this, finishing the main lesson on Roman Numerals. Her writing and drawing is not what it was last month. Amazing how much a cast on the non-dominant arm impacts skills we generally attribute only to the ability to use the dominant hand.

E's lesson book page from a month ago,

And the page from this week. The Pacific Northwest speaks to him- that's our home.

Today at the zoo, e noticed a gigantic bush of rosemary. She took a small pinch off the back side of it and carried it all the way home to add to our dinner. It was delicious.

e spent two days on this painting. Beautiful, no? Come Little Leaves is her favorite song right now.

E's math program is really working memorization of the times tables right now, so we've done an extra amount of jumping, skipping, jumping rope, ball-bouncing, etc to help work the facts into his head.

It is all things fall right now! The leaves are turning, the squirrels are everywhere... It is most certainly my favorite season!

e drew the squirrel!


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