Monday, November 25, 2013



E has his first EVER gymnastics meet! It was perfect. We arrived early; Level 4 was still on the floor. e drew a lot of pictures. E sat on my knee and watched. Eventually his teammates arrived and he went with them to begin stretches.


The most exhilarating moment was when Level 4 awards were over and Levels 5-7 were told to begin their warm-up rotations. The out-breath of the younger group finishing was in stark contrast to the in-breath of the older, bigger, stronger children that rushed the floor. They were eager to begin. Where before there was empty space was now filled with running, flipping, twisting, swinging bodies. On the floor, rings, high bar, mushroom, pommel horse, vault, and parallel bars boys in slick uniforms ran through their routines. Amazing routines.


My E was not nearly as nervous as I thought he'd be. Three weeks ago he was a wreck. But today, cool and collected.

This is a mushroom, folks. Prep for pommel horse. So levels 5 and 6 do routines on both pommel horse and mushroom to make up their pommel score.

E did awesome. He finished in the top 6 in all apparatus plus all-around for his age and level at his first meet! A great start to the season. His coaches are pleased. I'm happy for him and proud of him. He has worked so very hard! But most of all I'm proud that his achievement comes out of his own motivation. We don't tell him to practice or do better. This is ALL HIM. He eats, breathes, and sleeps gymnastics. So as I watch him, I think how amazing this boy of mine is and pray that I can be more patient and loving in other areas I tell him to focus chores and sitting calmly at the table! One child can't do it all, right?


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