Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Today's been quiet. E woke up angry, so he chose to listen to Sparkle Stories all morning. e and I did a little bike ride and found that the next street over is pretty quiet. It was fun, after e remembered how her brakes work! Nothing like catching your child by the arm as she zooms past screaming.... But we got it worked out.

I managed to start kombucha fermenting without breaking any glass with boiling water like last time. That was a painful lesson for me... But did provide the kids with new information. Especially since I managed to crack a few jars in the freezer as well. It wasn't my day for glass!

Now e and I are going to pick out her main lesson book, cut up a chicken, and chop some veggies before we pick up E from the gym. Hopefully we'll make some soup, too, although she'd much rather be baking brownies.

Tomorrow is E's gym-free day, so we may start some planning for the school year, or we may just ride our bikes up and down the street. If e has her way, there may also be some brownies.... But only if C remembers to get eggs from the commissary today!


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