Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crafting Kids


The kids woke up this morning with a crafting bug. Before I had even made breakfast, they were sewing away! E used part of a baby sock to make a coin pouch with a drawstring closure to store his euros from Nana and Papa. e made a black bag filled with white chocolate (felt). Our house is full of treat bags from e. :)


Then we found that not only did we have azalea caterpillars, carrot green caterpillars, and parsley caterpillars, but now also radish green caterpillars. Fun to watch, but they ate e's entire crop! How can we prevent this next summer?


Today is a clean-the-house day, and a do-we-risk-it day at the gym. They are cleaning out the foam pit (think 5 yrs of chalk and foam dust!) this morning. I'm not so sure it will be settled by noon, and E is already coughing from who knows what. But I did finally get his fall training schedule. It isn't as bad as I thought- only 3 week nights plus Saturday afternoon. We will still have 4 nights a week of family dinners, yay!


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