Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello! We are a family of four (plus a guinea pig), making our way creatively through life with our own Waldorf-inspired version of unschooling. A new school year is beginning- so here we go!
The kids tossing and stacking boxes full of packing paper.

2 months ago we left Alaska and DROVE to Virginia. Crazy to think that, but its true. And we did it without eating out even once. Because we had to- we are gluten-dairy-soy-beef-corn-rice-potato-etc free. So we ate a lot of jerky, Lara bars, nuts, dried fruit, bacon, cookies, lunchmeat, hotdogs, fruits, and veggies. One of us ate lots of hay. And watermelon. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, and some wonderful friends we never thought we'd see again.

When we arrived in Virginia, we immediately set about modifying our newly-purchased home. We ripped up carpet and refinished hard wood floors, painted walls, replaced the ancient microwave with a good stove hood, put on a new roof, changed out light fixtures, added skylights....

And while we did that, the kids used our moving boxes as gigantic blocks. They figured out how to make a leaning tower, at what angle and how hard  to toss a box so that it will land (and stick) at the top of a stack, which boxes should be placed where, and whether the boxes worked better empty or full of packing paper. Math in action.

Now we have settled in, C has returned to work, E has begun training hours upon hours each week with a boys' gymnastics team, and e and I are left to hold down the fort. It has been quite an adjustment- our kids have never before been apart for so many hours- but e and I have come to enjoy our time alone together. Lots of picture books, silly voices, and songs. She wants to learn to read. What she doesn't realize is that she already can, and I'm trying to figure out a way for her to discover that on her own.

In a few weeks school will start, E's gym schedule will move to evening, and we can get into a daily and weekly rhythm more suited to our style. I'm looking forward to sharing our adventures here with you!

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