Friday, August 23, 2013

Caterpillars, treadmills, and friends, oh my!

This morning C and I took e on a bike ride while E was at gymnastics. We admired the crepe myrtle trees with peeling multi-colored bark, pink flowers, and dark green leaves. When we got back, we found this:
Three fat, striped caterpillars in her carrot planter, and, well, no more carrot greens to speak of. She wasn't too upset. After all, how can one be upset with such lovable creatures?

C set to work practicing saxophone, and e and I made brownies. Apparently two things must happen on Friday: making brownies and downloading the newest Sparkle Stories. To finish off the morning, e watched Wild Kratts while I tackled some lesson planning. Here's my table....
So... about that Wild Kratts thing. My children watch Netflix. They also play video games. Mostly on an iPad. In fact, E has his own iPad Mini. We are Waldorf-inspired.... Not Waldorf purists. We insist on non-violent, non-sassy, slow games/shows, and honestly even the stuff E loves is geared towards preschoolers, like Babar and Caillou, or about animals like Wild Kratts. I know the brain research, I know Waldorf philosophy, but I am okay with this. Usually. Every once in a while I wish they didn't, that maybe I've screwed up their vision or their learning potential or something. But we do so many things differently- our diet, homeschooling, natural living, our diet....and did I mention our diet? The food thing alone makes us so very, very different. If my kids also had no idea about tv or video games.... Well, I just want SOME version of normalcy for them, and, I'll admit it, a half hour free of the incessant questions and requests is a bonus.

After we brought E home, C's new treadmill arrived in a crate. Wow, that thing is heavy! But it is now set up and ready. The kids tried it out. e ran over a mile straight. I was impressed. Poor E was interrupted by dinner, so had to stop before he wanted to.
Somewhere in there we also had two sweet gymnastics friends and their mama come play. I suppose that means I didn't forget to socialize my children today. ;p

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