Sunday, September 14, 2014


I went to the library yesterday, all by myself. Have you read Artemis Fowl? I was thinking it might be a good next series for E, but he's not sure. A series that follows a criminal rather than a hero is odd...which is why it remained in my stack for now. The book I brought home for e and daddy to read, The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop, was whisked away immediately. I just noticed that the book my friend S loaned us, Kids Learn to Knit, is in the stack as well, which means e has been through the books already this morning. :)

Continuing on with Where the Mountain Meets the Moon....




In the spirit of September, we made felted acorns with friends! So pretty.

e completed her mystery animal! I wrote out the steps for her to follow, and she whipped it out in a few days. Everyone had guesses as to what it might turn out to be, but nobody guessed a chicken!

Then there's this. A hard-won victory for E, one of those moments that keeps me going. E has been having a hard time with drawing lately. He is suddenly very conscious of his imperfections; his art no longer matches his vision. He started and re-started and started again, each try beginning and ending in utter frustration and tears. C and I have been talking with E about opening his throat, as the moment your throat tightens to whine "I can't do it," it's over. Your whole body tightens and your actions follow your worry. Well, at long last, E tried it. He sat down, took a deep breath, and without a whine, began drawing. He worked on it over the course of three days, each time without the whine, and got this result. He is PROUD. Which of course makes this mama proud. He did it!

I had intended too do so much more with zoology this month, but I do believe we are done for now. Time for a break and some crochet!


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