Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Break and a Recipe

That break I spoke of for E...we didn't crochet. Life took over, with too many appointments and activities to allow time for sitting. So here I give you three things we did do:

Applesauce! Always a favorite. Here's how we do it:

Peel and core 4 (or more) Granny Smith apples. Slice thickly and lay in baking dish.

Sprinkle on dried cranberries and chopped pecans, then cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.

Add a drizzle of honey. I add very little; maybe a tablespoon or two.

Cover and bake at 350 F for 20 minutes. Peak at them- they will appear 'fluffy' when done.

Magneatos. The big kid version! Something to fiddle with while listening to Sparkle Stories. I realized the other day that when we bought the stories, E was 7. Three years later and they still listen as if the stories are new.


One of our excursions this past week included a drive of about 40 minutes. I brought my iPad for stories. Jim Weiss was chosen for the drive up. All was peaceful until we walked in; homeschool days at museums always mean crowds. E declared he hadn't come this far to stand in lines. He grew agitated with me when I wouldn't rush e. I encouraged (and encouraged, and then finally ordered) E to go see the next exhibit without me. I said I would join him in a minute. I said he was 10 and would be fine. He grumbled and complained and never would leave my side. At each new exhibit, he insisted that I read the information to him, saying he didn't get it. e enjoyed herself, but E and I were almost at each other's throats by the time we left. I had it chalked up to crowds, but as soon as we were in the car, E revealed his issue through a story. He grabbed my iPad and quickly found a Martin and Sylvia Sparkle Story, turning it up as loud as it would go. The story was about how angry it made Martin when Mama helps Sylvia (2 years younger) in ways she won't help him. How Sylvia is always there. Indeed. By the time the story ended, E was his happy self again. Have I said how much I love these stories?!?

And math. E does enjoy Teaching Textbooks, but occasionally he'll ask me to explain further. This past week it was puzzling him as to why the multiplication tricks don't work past 9. For instance, 9 times 11 is 99, 8 times 11 is 88, etc, but the pattern doesn't apply to 10 times 11. I got out some paper and showed him how in long multiplication, once you get to the second row, you have to put a zero and scoot everything over. Have you ever wondered why? I didn't. I just always followed the formula. But in showing him, I realized it is because you aren't multiplying 1 times 2, you are multiplying 10 times 2, so your answers have to of course be placed in a larger value slot. He and I both had an ah-ha moment, and because of my excitement over it, I don't think he will forget it, either.


In writing this, I feel a bit dumb....of course that's why the formula works! I don't know how many times I've taught the process and never stopped to figure out why that process works. I love homeschooling. Some days I'm not sure who is learning more, the children or me!


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