Sunday, March 16, 2014

Two Major Accomplishments

Yesterday I accomplished two things. The first: pizza. Here's why that is such a big thing.


My children- well, mainly e- have been begging for pizza....for a year. Maybe longer. I had tried and failed at several versions. The kids liked every attempt, but C and I didn't. So I put them off and kept saying 'sometime, but not today.'


Then we were invited to J's birthday party. At a bowling alley, The next day. I could have cried. Pizza?!? Of all things. These are the moments I feel totally alone and angry at the world that our family, my children, have to deal with stupid restrictions while everyone else goes about eating whatever they please, wherever they please, without repercussion. Grrr.


The awesome thing is that as much as I feel it, I'm not actually alone. I posted my cry for help on Facebook and within minutes friends from Virginia, Colorado, New York, Tennessee, Alaska, and Oregon came through with ideas and recipes for a pizza free of wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, potato, corn, millet, yeast, dairy, soy, cauliflower, tomato, and, well, just about anything else you'd normally put in or on a pizza crust.


So after a good cry of happy tears and a trip to Whole Foods, I made a pizza. It isn't a family dinner pizza. C isn't fond of Diaya as a pizza cheese replacement nor the lack of tomato sauce, and I can't eat the eggs I used in the crust, but the kids were overjoyed. They gobbled down their slices and woke up asking for the remaining pieces for breakfast.


Which totally makes it a success. They didn't bat an eye when their friends and daddy ate pizza that eve at the bowling alley. They didn't feel they were missing out. In fact, they both thanked me for making 'homemade yummy pizza' because the stuff daddy ate 'didn't look so good', lol.

I used this recipe except my young helper added an extra egg by mistake. :) After all the raving going on by the kids, C tried a bite and was pleasantly surprised. Indeed, if we could use real cheese and sauce he'd consider it a very delicious pizza. Ha. Another day.


My second accomplishment is this baby blanket. It isn't a hard pattern, just knitting and pearling. But it took so LONG!! I'll take a hat, a doll, a scarf even over this. It seemed never-ending! I don't know how my grandmothers knitted/crocheted the large afghans of my childhood. Each to her own, I suppose. Whew! I'm knitting a small doll blanket to match with the leftover yarn. Much better.

It is pretty to look at. I hope the recipients like it. I won't be making another!


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