Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Turnips, Worms, and Grips

I mentioned before that we are slow going into this next main lesson block set. How slow? I am finally where I intended to be last week at this time! But it is all good.

e did her first drawn border. I love the upside-down turnip in the right corner. :) This is the first of four math consolidation stories. When E heard me reading about turnips he came to listen as well, recalling bits of the story from 3 years ago. These four stories are among my (and E's) favorites. Especially The Old Woman Who Was Not Afraid. I can't wait to read that one with e!


E's geography lessons are a hit so far. E has been measuring perimeter and calculating area of everything with 4 corners he can get his tape measure up to. He is fascinated by topographical maps- the elevation lines captivate him. We've been watching a show on Netflix about climbing Everest (after e is in bed) so yesterday we spent a lot of time looking at mountains both on Google Earth and as topographical maps. Very cool stuff.


This week E started some of his old tricks of refusal, doing everything except what I asked for, arguing math, etc. When I called him on it he recognized what he was doing and was able to stop- for the moment- because he recognized that what I was teaching was worth learning. Maturity! This morning he actually seemed disappointed when I said we weren't doing school today. We've come a long way, baby!

e and G usually begin their day like this. G loves E's fleecy jammy pants.


Other adventures of late include ordering red wigglers for an indoor compost tub (e is so excited...I think she plans to play with them as pets), tasting turnips (eww!), and ordering E's still ring grips. He is so stinkin happy! He's using his high bar grips every day now. He told me yesterday that he did front and back giants on the strap bar without any spotting. This is big!


What is a giant on a strap bar? Well.... The strap bar is a high bar with straps. The gymnast ties their wrists to the bar with the straps so that they don't fly off. Then the coach gives a mighty push, and around they go, lol. A giant is a move in which the gymnast's body is straight out, legs together, arms straight, flying around and around the bar, all the way over the top and back down and around again. Apparently E can swing himself around under his own power now, both forwards and backwards. Wow!


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