Sunday, March 2, 2014


I am apparently one of those few people who get shingles over and over. And over. So e and I are at home instead of in Maryland cheering E on. Which I felt terrible about- I cried not because of pain but because I'm not supposed to miss anything my children do- until I found out the good that has come from it.


About 2 hours after C and E left, I received a text from my friend K. Her son has worked hard all season, trying to master the skills necessary to compete at level 5. He's been ready for over a month, but paperwork and registration deadlines meant that this, the final meet of the season, was his first chance to compete. Anyway, her text said that their car had broken down, PepBoys couldn't fix it right away, and that all car rental agencies were closed. No way to get J to his meet.


Or was there? I called C. He had just, JUST reached the city in which K and J and their family sat. So, thanks to my and e's empty seats, J will make it to the meet.


Everything for a reason.


So e and I are enjoying the sunshine before another winter storm blows in. She's taken a sudden new interest in her scooter, and Pinky fits perfectly in the treasure pocket.


This past week week we spent working on projects:

A doll hat, knit in the round (!) by e. Double-pointed needles. Eep.

A grip bag, sewn by E for his new high bar grips.

And E's shlamb, all sewn up.

We also finished up the final main lesson book pages from Norse Myths and Stories of Wonder.

Ragnarokk was a..... shock. I won't ruin it for anyone else starting this unit, but oh my.... We did not see that coming. Now the song we've been singing makes complete sense!


e began Book 2! She is so excited for more.


This week (or next) we begin their new blocks. e will do math consolidation stories. I have been waiting 3 years to do these four lovely stories again! Have I said how much I adore Christopherus curriculum? Next up for E is local geography. More on that later- I'm pretty excited for this one also!


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