Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year, New Rhythm


Kings came riding, one, two, three

Over the desert and over the sea.

One on a horse with a saddle of gold,

The children came running to behold.

One in a ship with a silver mast

The fishermen wondered as he went past.

One came walking over the sand

With a casket of treasure in his hand.

Night came on as those kings went by,

They shone like the gleaming stars in the sky.

A new year and a new developmental stage (E is almost eleven!) have pushed me into changing things up around here. I'm taking Waldorf Essentials rhythm round-up lessons online, which delve into marriage, family, and temperaments. I hadn't given much thought to temperaments before, at least not as described by Steiner. It's given me some new insight into my teaching and my marriage...why I'm so content to go with the flow and find the path of least resistance, yet when push comes to shove I'm a force to be reckoned with. ;) Phlegmatic temperament is likened to the ocean: calm and steady or strong and moving. As it turns out, all four of us have a good bit of phlegmatic in us. E has a side of melancholic, e of sanguine.... Quite eye-opening, actually. Gave me a lot to think about.


Two changes to our weekly rhythm have made us very happy: an early morning sibling swim time (a quiet pool!) and a teaching trade for e and s one afternoon a week! I got to start us off with some form drawing and Three Kings shadow play yesterday. Much more enjoyable with a friend! Next Wednesday S will take the girls for some science experiments and embroidery while E gets me all to himself.


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