Sunday, January 4, 2015


We had a wonderful holiday break. C took leave for the entire two weeks, and his parents came to visit. It was a restful time, but still full of adventure! e tried out the adventure park, thanks to Nana and Papa:

Wow. She was waaaaay up there. She tried all three lines she was allowed, and decided that the third one (pictured) was a bit much! We are proud of her for giving it a go...nobody but daddy wanted to accompany her!


E spent much of his time at the gym, training with the big boys. I am grateful the coaches continued gym through the holidays. The workouts make all the difference in E's attitude and attention!


e also received some artsy Christmas gifts, including chalk pastels from Grandma. First things first: try out the new chalk pastels and the new beanbag! Grandad gifted her a few more art lessons with Ms. Holly, too. Below is the bird from her last lesson.

Here is little G. Her latest adventure consists of little bitey things. Mites, perhaps. Never a dull moment with her.

I received drop spindles and a niddy noddy for Christmas, so I've been busy spinning last Christmas' roving into gorgeous skeins of yarn. The wool is so soft, and is so easy to spin... e has caught on to the excitement and is now working on her own spindle of purple!

Now, about school topics...


I have never required e to write anything but copywork. Never dissected a story into its parts or examined adjectives. Yet the other day I found this on her desk. Waldorf at work!


And here is the final installment of Man and Animal: the scorpion. This was tricky, keeping sight of the scorpion shape while making dots all over the place! But fun and messy. We love acrylics.



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